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Fuel Tank Safety Refresher – training course

Brett delivers a short refresher training session for Fuel Tank Safety (FTS) applicable to Part M / Part CAMO and Part 145 maintenance organisations. This is ideal for those who want a reminder on the FTS topic such as a 2 yearly continuation training requirements (see below if you require a certificate).

During the session he will remind you why (background)? FTS ‘the concept’, Critical Design Configuration Control Limitations (CDCCL) and maintenance considerations.

FURTHER TRAINING If you have any questions regarding the content or would like a INITIAL or REFRESHER training course specific for your organisation, or even a 1-2-1, then contact:

CERTIFICATE? If you would like a certificate for watching this course, then contact: and we will advise you of the fee. Plus, you will also be required to complete a multi-choice question paper based on the content of the video were you will be required to obtain 75% pass mark before a certificate is issued.

Fuel Tank Safety – Refresher training course

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