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Sheet Metal Techniques and Repairs

Blue Altitude is now able to offer aircraft sheet metal techniques & repairs training courses which aims to provide the delegate a level of competency to carry out aircraft structural skin repairs or fabrication.

Due to the subject depth, knowledge and experience required to successfully carrying out structural repairs on an aircraft or fabrication of parts, we have broken the course content down to 3 levels thus giving the delegate an opportunity to consolidate the knowledge learnt during each course within their own organisation and continue to build on and continue their competency in the subject.

Level 1: Initial
This course focuses on providing a foundation introducing the subject of sheet metal techniques, examining structures types, material identification, repair drawings, technical data, failure reasons, repair materials, safety and the working environment.

Level 2: Fundamentals
This course builds on from the foundation and introduces repair practices, which includes material and work practice efficiencies, heat treatments understanding, repair calculations, care of tooling and workshops. Plus, introducing hand skills to fabrication for basic structural repairs.

Level 3: Advanced Techniques
This course focuses on putting the theory learnt into practice by carrying out hand skill techniques and finally applying all the techniques learnt to carry out 3 different aircraft structural skin repair advancing in difficulty plus examination.

Throughout all the training courses, the delegates are continually assessed to determine their understanding of subject knowledge and application by the instructor in order to ensure a level of competency is being achieved. At the end of each course, delegates will be provided with feedback to support their continuing development in the subject.

Who Should Attend?
The training courses are designed for various aircraft engineering roles; mechanic or licensed engineers who are responsible to carry out structural repairs and would benefit from specialised skills training.

Why Choose Us?
At Blue Altitude, we know that knowledge and training are vital for a successful business.
We combine real-life examples and technical knowledge in a high impact-learning environment to ensure staff are engaged and stimulated to learn new ideas and approaches as well as refresh core skills.

Contact Us
If you would like to know more about the courses offered, dates and its contents then please contact us by either email: or call +44 (0) 1256 517352

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