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Quality, Safety & Compliance Packages

We offer a range of compliance packages to support small to medium organisations with their quality management systems under contract.

Bronze Package

  • Desk top audits as per the specific regulation or scope of criteria
  • Provide guidance on non-conformities resolution
  • Telephone / email communication within 48 hours

Silver Package

  • Includes above Bronze plus;
  • Dedicated on-site presence 1 day per week or 2 days every other week.
  • Conduct internal audits as per the audit schedule, identify non-conformities and corrective actions
  • Monitor external suppliers
  • Monitor training records and competencies
  • Nominated deputy to the Quality or Safety & Compliance Manger

Gold Package

  • Includes above Bronze & Silver Packages plus;
  • Hold Form 4 Post Holder role responsibilities within the organisation
  • Dedicated on-site presence 2 days per week or 4 days every other week
  • Manage the organisations quality management system
  • Update specific regulatory exposition
  • Meet with regulatory bodies as required
  • Conduct authorisation boards, issue approvals to certifying staff, manage training records
  • Develop and implement continuous improvements within the organisation

REVIEW: FREE of CHARGE (FoC):email us: to arrange a free visit by one of appointed qualified lead auditing team.

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