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With the introduction of EASA Annex Vc (Part CAMO), organisations have to now manage their aircraft with a performance-based oversight through their safety risk management system.

For those organisations who already have a EASA Annex I (Part M Sub-Part ‘G’ approval), you have to make the transition from Annex I (Part M) to Annex Vc (Part CAMO) or if it’s your initial application by 24th September 2021.


At BLUE ALTITUDE, we provide a range of services to support organisations transitioning or who want to know more, from training either remotely or classroom, auditing guidance and consultancy – development of the CAME, procedures etc.

Click on the information below to know more or have a question, email us: to see how we can help?

COURSES – “Online or Classroom”

All our training meets – Part CAMO.A.305(g)

  • Part CAMO – Introduction
  • Part M to Part CAMO – Conversion
  • Initial Safety Training
  • Human Factors (Initial & Refresher)
  • Safety Manager / Management
  • Internal Safety Reporting Scheme – Overview
  • Safety Investigator & Investigation
  • Competency Understanding
  • Post Holder Responsibilities – Safety Manager (SM)
  • Post Holder Responsibilities – Compliance Monitoring Manager (CMM)
  • 2-year continuation training packages (email us:  for more information)
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