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Part CAMO / CAO – Compliance Demonstration

ALL Courses can be delivered either ‘Classroom’ or ‘Web / Remotely’

To demonstrate compliance with the competent authorities, Blue Altitude provides the following:

  1. IMPORTANT – Firstly, we recommend that you audit our organisation to become an approved supplier of ‘services for training’. Some organisitions overlook this important requirement and fail to do so.  Part CAMO / CAO requires a new approach to managing safety, performance and continuous improvement.  By auditing our organisation it’s demonstrating that you are assessing the risks associated with Part CAMO / CAO.
  2. Upon request, we can provide quality management system information as appropriate to demonstrate and answer any questions. Again, to support your risk review of our organisation.
  3. Each course is defined by a training proposal provided by Blue Altitude to the customer which outlines the training course details and other information to be provided by the customer (where applicable) demonstrating training course deliverables.
  4. Post training delivery, delegates can pose questions to our team in order to answer any queries or clarification without any further charges.
  5. Upon completion of the training course, the following records will be provided to the nominated Quality Manager or other senior nominated person(s).
    • Attendance Registration (web based only)
    • Delegates Attendance (including interaction on web based platform)
    • Results from in course training session polling or testing (if applicable)
    • Feedback Analysis (Course summary and delegate’s individual feedback which can be used to support your safety analysis to meet AMC3 CAM.A.305(g)(c))
    • Controlled copy of the Presentation and other supporting training information used during the training
    • Digital certificates for each delegate with a unique issue number for quality control

Any questions, then contact us by email:

Blue Altitude Compliance Training Team

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