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Part 145 SMS – ‘reactive’ or ‘proactive’

In your aircraft maintenance organisation, which term best describes your organisations approach to an ‘effective safety risk management system’?

I’m guessing there are 3 different organisational camps that view Part 145 Safety Management Systems (SMS) in different terms and understanding.

Firstly, Camp #1 has in place and applies a Safety Management System (SMS), senior management apply its principles, and is potentially ready to adopt the implementation of Part 145 SMS. It has some data analysis and trends but not sure the system is working. Or when asked, cannot demonstrate how effective it is.

Secondly, Camp #2, does not have in place a Safety Management System (SMS) but the senior management discuss the concept(s). They have an appreciation it is coming, they know they have to do something. What? Have applied some strategic thinking but nothing more. Unsure and waiting for the notification by the competent authority. Then, they will react.

Thirdly, Camp #3, not there yet. Still dealing with managing the organisation on a day to day basis with very time little to strategically plan ahead. Will await the outcome and direction of the competent authority deadlines. Then they will react.

Therefore, what can be done by organisations in advance of Part 145 regulation to incorporate a ‘safety risk management system’ if you are in Camp #2 or #3?

Well, you need to consider the future allocation of financial resources. Therefore, start considering generating a budget line because there will be a cost to its implementation. Allocate cost for the additional new roles such as the Safety Manager and / or Compliance Monitoring Manager. A complete revision to the existing maintenance organisation exposition (MOE), generation and implementation of a safety risk manage system. Revised and potential increase in personnel training and competency. Also, the competent authority charges.

Therefore, making the first step to creating a budgetary line, will assist the organisation to start thinking about the inevitable Part 145 SMS and work towards an ‘effective safety risk management system’. Creating their first management of change (MoC).

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