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Newsletter: January 2016

What is New for 2016?

Welcome to our new Newsletter: all about compliance training for the aviation industry. We have updated our courses listing for 2016 and added some new, fresh & exciting ‘open’ courses (click here).

NEW – Fatigue Risk Management (FRM) – Aviation Maintenance

Why is ‘fatigue’ a risk to your organisation? The FAA have identified that ‘fatigue’ is one of the main causes of errors, incidents or major accidents / catastrophic events. Being able to recognise, manage the risks of ‘fatigue’ is not only the responsibility of the organisation but also the individual. By having an effect ‘fatigue risk management’ systems in place may reduce human factor events and potential to reduce / mitigate the risks that could support an effective Safety Management System (SMS).

This half-day course has been designed to increase awareness to those who manage and work within an aviation maintenance environment. This course could also contribute towards ‘Human Factors – Refresher’ training.

NEW – EASA Regulations – Essentials for Stores / Warehouse Personnel

Stores / Warehouse personnel are the ‘gate keepers’ to the organisation. They provide a valuable service to the prevention of suspected unapproved / bogus parts entering the organisation. The management of the bonded stores environment is crucial to an organisation success. Therefore, their understanding to meet challenges of the regulatory requirements is important.

This 1 day course has been designed to reflect the requirements of the EASA Part 145 regulation as the foundation and the interaction of the Part M and Part 21 requirements. The course will review the various equivalent types of documentation that may be received within the ‘Goods In’ and the potential errors that may be found. Plus other areas of the stores / warehouse function.

NEW – Quality Auditors Techniques Course

This 3 day course is aimed for those whose role involves the management, planning and the conducting of audits internally within their organisation and the auditing of external suppliers or contractors.

It is ideal for those who are new to quality auditors role or the safety compliance function within their organisation, responsible to ensure the regulations requirements are complied with and reducing the risk to their organisation. This course includes both theory and practical elements with case studies exercises to reinforce the learning experience.

“Trainer’s Feedback Corner – Top Tips

We have delivered a high number of courses now, received course feedback and we thought it would be a good idea to provide feedback to help organisations with supporting ‘TopTips’ of information they can use.

‘January’s Top Tip’ – Where to find information can be a challenge for staff within an organisation, it’s constantly changing, being updated etc… We sometimes make assumptions that staff know where to find the information they should be using or making reference to.

We suggest organisations provide ‘sign posts’ or ‘reminders’ where specific or commonly used information can be found. As an example; ask yourself this question; do all your staff know where to find the MOE, POE, CAME….. ? There will be some people in the organisation who don’t know where to find it or what these documents are and their importance.


As specialists within the aviation industry, we know how to support your business to improve performance and get the most from your staff. Consultancy covers a wide range of services, offerings and below is just some of the areas we can support.

AuditingManagementTraining & Coaching
Compliance with current EASA regulationsTemporary, part-time, ADHOC Form 4 appointment for the Quality / Compliance Manager postMentoring and coaching newly qualified auditors
Assist and support compliance with ISO 9001:2008Project Management to support approval applications or extensionsProvide 1-2-1 support on auditing techniques, processes and best practices
Conduct internal audits against internal proceduresConsultancy on certification pathways for new projects.
Review maintenance organisations proceduresMaintenance Error Management Systems investigations, review, support and recommendations.
Review Approved Suppliers (AS) against contract obligations, current regulations and accreditations.Support the Safety Management Systems (SMS) function within the organisation
Work pack reviews, documentation and feedback reportingMonitor and review processes or procedures implementation
Provide an “Overflow Resource” as a support function of the Quality or Safety & Compliance department
Provide guidance and observations to help support the internal functions of the organisation


If you have got a question about training, how to meet compliance or advice then, drop us a line at

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Blue Altitude specialises in providing airworthiness compliance training and consultancy services to aviation organisations either located in the UK or overseas.

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