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This weeks – #KnowledgeShare

Firstly, in this weeks post, we are focusing on sharing knowledge and experience to support licensed aircraft engineers.

It is those people within an approved Part 145 maintenance organisation whom are responsibly for returning an aircraft back service.

Additionally, we have also included some content for the continuing airworthiness community.  We have highlighting some of the ‘challenges’ and ‘potential pitfalls’ an organisation might be exposed to who are in the transition phase from Annex I (Part M) to Annex Vc (Part CAMO) approvals.

Finally. we have added a PREVIEW for our Form 4 – Post Holder training course.  We believe this course should be bespoke or delivered to small groups in the same organisation.

Part 1: What should I KNOW as a LAE?  To view the video: CLICK HERE

In this video, Brett provides guidance on ‘what should an LAE know’ within a Part 145 maintenance organisation. Brett discusses 8 key areas: (1) Know where to find information? (2) Who is Who? (3) Read the MOE? (4) Authorisation (5) Access to data (6) Understand your organisations mandatory reporting system (7) Understand how to report organisational issues (8) Communication. Important: this is not a definitive list, but provides guidance for those who are new to becoming a LAE (Licensed Aircraft Engineer) and you should liaise with your quality department to confirm what their expectations are. #part145 #partcamo #easa #faa #ukcaa #aviationexpert

Responsibilities of “C” Licensed Engineer.  To view: CLICK HERE

Brett describes some of the responsibilities of an authorised Base Maintenance “C” licensed engineer who is responsible for returning an aircraft back to service post a scheduled maintenance input plus, what considerations they should take into account as well. #easa #part145 #complainceexpert #partcamo

Challenges & Potential Pitfalls – Part CAMO.  To view: CLICK HERE

Brett describes some of the challenges and potential pitfalls that organisations may face in transitioning from Annex I (Part M) to Annex Vc (Part CAMO) approval. Think about how your organisation may mitigate and prevent becoming non-compliant. RU PartCAMO Ready? #partcamo #aviationcompliance #partm #easa #aviationexpert

PREVIEW – Form 4 – Nominated Post-Holder training course.  To view the video: CLICK HERE

Brett provides a brief overview of Blue Altitude’s Form 4 – Nominated Post Holder training course. Ideally, suited to those persons who are new to a post holder role, changed roles or would like a refresher on their responsibilities. #part145 #partcamo #partcao #easa #ukcaa