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As specialists within the aviation industry, we know how to support your business to improve performance and get the most from your staff and assets.

Consultancy covers a wide range of services and offerings from simple reviews and advice to in-depth business turnaround management to bring an aviation business into a positive cash flow position. Each consultancy project starts with a free no obligation review of your current business activity and desired outcome.


Below are some of the examples of Achieve

  • Develop aircraft maintenance programs (MP)
  • Develop and review Minimum Equipment List (MEL)
  • Develop aircraft maintenance forecasting and planning documentation (MPD)


  • Conduct aircraft physical surveys to ensure maintenance standards are being adhered to and maintaining value of the asset.
  • Review of aircraft documentation or records


Assessment of current …

  • Maintenance program effectivity and aircraft utilization
  • Understand commercial maintenance awareness
  • Review and audit aircraft technical documentation and applicable records
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