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Competency Framework – Part CAMO

It is important to establish an effective competency framework for Part CAMO. The regulation, it does not clearly identify the framework requirements and there are gaps in supporting the management system (CAMO.A.200).

To have an effective framework, consideration needs to go beyond the job specific items or responsibilities outlined within the regulation. An organisation should consider increasing the scope of competency to include two additional areas: an organisation’s ‘core‘ and the ‘common‘ competencies.

Core competencies represents the foundation of the organisations identify and function. Common competencies represents its daily activities such as how it communications, common operating systems (IT, software programs…)

We have outlined this in our short video and can be viewed below.

In support of applying a more effective competency framework, we have put together a description of the competency requirements covering ALL 3 competency areas – see below.

If you have any questions regarding the above or need support on developing your competency framework, contact: