STEP 7: DEBRIEF the Team or Individual – The Conclusion


STEP 7: DEBRIEF the Team or Individual!

Completed the task!  You need to debrief the person or team.  Typically, something to think about is;

  • Was it a ‘well done’, ‘great effort’?
  • Is it a celebration – cake time?
  • You did this wrong!
  • You did this wrong AGAIN!
  • No praise required – its’ what you are paid for!  (I bet you have heard this one before.)
  • Thanks Buddy?

You should always give feedback were appropriate.  If someone puts effort in then, it should be rewarded.  It does not take a lot to say ‘thank you’ or ‘well done’.  Praise can go a long way as it makes people feel valued.

Understandably, we sometimes may not deserve it.  If so, before shouting and damming the team / individual, you need to investigate what happened.  Get a view of the bigger picture – they may have issues at home or at work.  You never know.  Once you have determined the cause, maybe you could get them to suggest what they could have done differently next time therefore, learn by their mistakes and they identified how to change.  If you suggest this, they may not buy into your suggestion.  Again, this type of questioning takes practise.

TRY IT TIP! When was the last time you gave someone a ‘pat on the back’ or even a ‘thanks for your help’?  Make a change and give a little praise – it goes a long way.

We have come to the end so, SEVEN STEPS for BETTER SUPERVISION – has it helped you?  We did not cover everything but enough to give you a taste for it.   Being a supervisor is a brilliant job.  It comes with a great responsibility that not many really appreciate or even identify it exists.   From my own experience, once they promote you to a ‘supervisor’ – a fairy waves her wand and da-daahh!  You are now in control, the person whom the team looks up to, a leader and the person whom the senior management look down to hoping they get the work done, on time and on budget.

It can be rewarding to build your team, work with people and get to know how they tick.  Some days, you may think why I bother in dealing with people then, you hit a high.  It all goes smoothly, just as you planned it.

Finally, I hope our SEVEN STEPS help you in your career and if you try out our SEVEN STEP For BETTER SUPERVISION, it can only add benefit to your personal toolbox of life experiences.

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