STEP 6: BRIEF the Team or Individual!


Step 6: BRIEF the Team or Individual!

This is an important part of your role: briefing the team you supervise.  Again, it takes confidence to do this.  If you do not brief them correctly then, the task will not be completed to the appropriate standard or it may be lost in translation.  So, when asking someone to do something, try to cover the following bullet points:

  • Get BUY-IN?
    • Give a reason / story of why they need to carry out the task: paint a picture in their mind
  • Aim (The Goal)?
    • What do you want them to do?
    • What needs to be done?
  • How (The Objective)?
    • How are they going to achieve the objective – stages or steps to achieve the goal?
    • Resources – tooling, labour etc?
  • Who?
    • Who is responsible – taking ownership?
    • Who is going to help?
    • Get them to confirm ownership?  Do not allow it to bounce back to you, which is a common error, as this will increase the pressure on you.
  • When?
    • Think about time frames?
    • Think about how to do it concurrently with other tasks?
    • Think about possible conflicts with other parties or service providers?
  • Feedback?
    • Get confirmation on what you have asked them to do?  They may not have grasped what you are asking them to do.  They may be day dreaming!
  • Follow Up?
    • Check up and see how they are getting on.  Do they need help or are they ok?
    • Re-evaluate what they are doing?

When you first set out briefing people, use a notebook with headers on it to help guide you through it.  Suggest standing up and everyone is seated – (not always possible).  This allows you to see everyone, who is paying attention and who is not, it demonstrates you are in control.

TRY IT TIP! If you are the supervisor / crew chief and responsible for a maintenance input; get the team around the front of the aircraft and list out what you need done, set goals, who is responsible etc..  It helps raise issues and will drive the input forward.  If you do not brief the team daily, the maintenance input will be completed when they are ready and not ready as agreed with the customer.