STEP 5: Communicate!, Communicate! and Communicate!


STEP 5: Communicate!, Communicate! and Communicate!

How do you communicate?  Do you shout and get angry?  Do you lose your temper?   Are you calm and relaxed?  There are three ways in which you can communicate – Verbal, Written and Body Language.

The first thing any staff member will see is your body language.  The way you stand, the way you look at people, smiling or sad etc… all gives off signs of how you feel without you saying a word.   If it is your first encounter with the team, they will make their first impressions about you and this can be hard to change.

Being able to communicate effectively will radiate confidence in what you are doing, whether it is written or speaking with someone.   By taking responsibility and proactively communicating with everyone with whom you are supervising, they will gladly follow your instructions, will want to you to lead them and they will understand who is in control.  This demonstration in communication will make your life easier and you will command authority.

Poor communication with the staff will lead to mischief within the workplace.  Staff will not achieve what needs to be accomplished and this will be looked poorly upon by the senior management and will be deemed as your fault were they will question your ability or suitability for the role.

There is nothing worse than working for someone whom does not communicate what needs to be done.  If you supervise like this, you will soon find out that everything around you falls apart and I am confident you will do it all as they sit back and watch you!

TRY IT TIP!  What is your body language like?  Do you fold your arms when speaking to someone?  Do you continue doing your work when someone comes to your desk and do not give your colleague your full attention?    Try and reflect on what you do.  If you cannot, suggest you watch other supervisors and see what they do.