STEP 4: Know your OWN Limitations


STEP 4: Know your OWN limitations

Sometimes, people ignore their limitations, lack of knowledge and do not want others to find out.

The good thing about knowledge and experience is we are all different.  We all have different strengths, weaknesses, fears etc.  Therefore, understanding yourself is important – knowing your ability to achieve the task.  You can turn weaknesses in to strengths by evaluating what you need to do to make a change but this takes time.  How can you do it? Create an action list, with targets and deadlines.  Alternatively, seek the help of someone else who may already be in a position of responsibility – how did they achieve the desired result?

You need to know whether you can take responsibility for others as well as your own actions as you are the one setting the internal standards for the company.  A negative attitude will affect everyone e.g. bring the team down with you into the same state of mind.  A person whom is positive and optimistic will uplift everyone.  Nobody wants to work with someone who is always negative – do they?

One thing you must not do as a supervisor is ask someone to carry out a task that you are not prepared to carry out it yourself.  If you do and you are challenged then, your credibility will vanish instantly.

TRY IT TIP!  Do you have any limitations?  Ask yourself the question and compile a list.  Think about how you can improve yourself. Create an action plan?  Does it involve training?  Do I need a mentor or coach?