STEP 3: Know your Team!


STEP 3: Know your TEAM!

You need to know what makes people tick! Have an understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, any personal issues, do they have a family, their likes and dislikes and even their fears.  Having this knowledge will help build a solid working relationship and team cohesion.

Getting the balance right is tough when those who you are now supervising are your good friends and then you have to make changes that are going to impact on this.  Therefore, if you always act fairly and treat everyone with the same intentions then those who were your friends will remain as such.  As soon as you deviate away from acting fairly or have special rules for members of the team, the rest of the work force will not be so supportive to your requests.

One of the most important points is you must not discriminate against those you supervise.  If you cross this line it will bring you trouble.  HR will be involved and disciplinary action could be taken against you.  Something to think about.

TRY IT TIP! Find out who has a fear within the workplace such as the fear of heights or confined spaces.  I suggest you think twice before asking someone to do a task that may make their fear a reality.  If you ignore this and get someone to carry out a task, you will be responsible for any occurrence that may occur and you will have to manage the situation – it will be embarrassing for them and you when people want to find out how and what has happened.