So, you are currently in a supervising role within the aviation industry or have you just been appointed to the role of ‘Supervisor’ within your workplace.  Was it by choice?  Did you volunteer?   Did you agree to take the position because of the increase in salary? Alternatively, was it to climb the ladder of responsibility?

Sometimes when we agree to a new role, we are not 100% clear of what the role entails and what is the expectations;

  • Did you receive a job description?
  • Were your responsibilities clearly defined?
  • Where the boundaries explained?
  • Have you taken part in any training?

You may have many questions unanswered however, you are now deemed the expert, the leader of many and the person whom the senior management look down upon to get things done. Sometimes when individuals take on a supervisory role, it may be unclear as to what they have taken on.  True or False?

There are many qualities required to be a supervisor and I am sure that you want to be the best supervisor you can be.  You want to be liked and do your best.   As a supervisor, you now need to have a special gift of being able to tune into and adapt your level of supervision because everyone is different.  This is a skill on its own and takes practice to master.  Being able to deal with individuals and teams is a challenge especially, if you are new to having such responsibility.  You also need to be a negotiator, a people person, an enforcer, welfare officer, someone who is loyal both upwards (to senior management) and downwards (to those you supervise) – these are just some of the qualities required of a supervisor.

To further develop your core skills and abilities as a supervisor, try focusing and working on our SEVEN STEPS for BETTER SUPERVISION.

We will be posting each one of the SEVEN STEPS daily over the next week.