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Newsletter: May 2016

Blue Altitude has launched their new training platform nicknamed ‘BABL’ meaning ‘Blue Altitude Blended Learning’.

What is ‘BABL’?

  • Interactive learning via the Internet, which is instructor led.
  • Blended Learning: learning via digital or online instructional training media. Content and instruction is interactive and where applicable, material is recorded enabling the delegate to access content and learn over a specific period of time or at their own pace.

‘BABL’ Benefits to the Organisation

✓ Training delivered to a more Mobile / Flexible Workforce
✓ No barriers – demographics or time zones, training can be delivered / accessed in any time zone
✓ Greater convenience – flexible training times, or greater flexibility with recorded sessions
✓ Repeated without additional costs – sessions can be recorded and courses can be reviewed without incurring additional costs reducing training budgets
✓ Quality Compliance – organizations can validate, assess and review content as part of an audit function
✓ Assessment – all stages of the course can be easily monitored to check learning progress
✓ No additional travel £ / $ for hotel, flights or other expenses

‘BABL’ Benefits to the Employee

✓ Interact with the Instructor
✓ Bite Size training – from 15 minutes up to 60 minutes duration
✓ Training spread over days / weeks – as required
✓ Manageable training times – easier to manage the training program to remain productive at all times
✓ Quizzes – carry out polls, tests to confirm learning
✓ Ask ??? Real Time! – ask the instructor questions to get instant feedback
✓ 1-2-1 Sessions – additional support for the employees as an example; coaching, mentoring or just require additional guidance


• Greater flexibility for training for both the organisation and the employee
• Can learn via any portable device – phone, tablet, laptop or desktop
• Interaction with the instructor
• Training sessions recorded to confirm delegates participation, interaction and assessments
• Greater course choice and an easier method of meeting compliance
• Courses can be tailored to customer needs. As an example: Continuation Training Programs will be structured so that employees can automatically join sessions, follow the training delivered and monitor their progress via bespoke ‘BABL’.


Special Offer: enter ‘BABL50’ when registering to get 50% of the course fee.

Thursday 5th May: “EASA Form 1 Completion” and “EASA Form 1 with Dual / Triple Release and their Equivalents”

Thursday 12th May: “FAA 8130-3 Authorized Release Certificate Completion” and “FAA 8130-3 Authorized Release Certificate with Part Manufacturing Approval (PMA)”

Thursday 19th May: “Human Factors Refresher – Fixed Wing” and “Human Factors Refresher – Rotor Wing”

Thursday 26th May: “Continued Airworthiness within Aviation” and “Responsibilities of a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAME)”


• Training day: currently all training courses are on a Thursday.
• Timings: training is offered several times during the day, select the time that works best for you by clicking here.
• Booking: to make a booking you are required to register 24 hours in advance.
• Duration: each course will last no longer than 60 minutes.
• Once registered, please make sure you follow the guidelines in the registration confirmation email to check settings for your device (example; phone, tablet, laptop or desktop). This will ensure you will gain the maximum benefit out of the training session.


If you have got a question about training, how to meet compliance or advice then, drop us a line at

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Blue Altitude specialises in providing airworthiness compliance training and consultancy services to aviation organisations either located in the UK or overseas.