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Just Culture v’s Corporate Culture

Having delivered numerous training courses about ‘Just Culture’ (JC), getting the delegates to define what it means to them and the organisation, recognising the barriers why it doesn’t work, its implementation, benefits and the expectations of EASA; the message is simply not getting out there!

Even asking the question openly to other parties, there is still a huge void that people don’t know what it means and some organisations portray it operates a JC however, under the surface it is still has a ‘Blame’ or ‘No-Blame’ culture.

When the delegates learn and understand JC within our industry they can immediately see the benefits and identify the pitfalls within their own organisational culture.

The other hidden challenge for the organisations in its JC implementation is the conflict with the ‘Corporate Culture’ (CC).  The CC pushes the culture downwards through the organisation, which maybe decided, by persons who determine their organisational strategy (branding, mission statement, objectives, investment), define human resources policies but may have never worked in the aviation industry.

The industry i.e. EASA and the National Competent Authorities want to implement the JC but unfortunately, the CC takes president over the JC.  The challenge to implement JC needs to be aimed at the senior executives; decision makers who understand the branding requirements however, these individuals need to understand the importance of a JC to the industry.

Therefore, it definitely appears to be a gap in understanding how a JC can meet the vision of the CC or if even a JC will ever be part of CC.

So what is the answer?  In the long term, EASA continues with their message and in the short term, specialist providers like ours Blue Altitude continue working with organisations in implementing and understanding the aviation industry ‘Just Culture’.  Want to know more? Contact us: to learn more about it.

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