Blue Altitude LAUNCH! 2013

Here we GO!  Blue Altitude LAUNCHED in JULY 2013!

We are the first aviation specialist for aviation people management training (APMT) and consultancy services.  Providing bespoke training courses to the aviation sector for commercial and defence makes Blue Altitude unique.

One of the under estimated areas within aviation businesses today and sometimes forgotten is the how we all interface and manage during the daily activities. In a high pressure environment it is crucial to get this right to first ensure safety and to enhance performance.  Technical skills are essential in the aviation industry but without supervision and team leadership skills to back up the technical side, expertise is wasted and efficiency suffers.

Blue Altitude is now able to offer soft skills training to facilitate successful team leader / supervisors and best practice. We are the only provider for bespoke aviation management training that is backed up with 20 plus years of experience and knowledge.  Understanding what works, when it is required and how to deliver it.

We believe this is an exciting time to be within the aviation industry. We are proud to be able to contribute to the success of your business and the development of those within the aviation sector.

Blue Altitude Team